Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Digitization Workflow at UNC-Chapel Hill

Jency  Examining a Book for Conservation Issues

Digitization for the Religion in North Carolina Digital Collection began September 1, 2012 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Jency Williams, a first-year MSLS student in the School of Information and Library Science interested in Archives and Records Management is serving as the student work for the project in the Wilson Special Collections Library.

Jency's Work Station
Retrieving and preparing items for scanning by the Internet Archive Scribe machine are Jency's primary tasks as the dedicated student worker. The process of filling a book cart for digitization includes the following steps:
  •  Checking the item out in the circulation system
  • Pulling the item from the shelf
  • Analyzing each item to make sure it is the best available copy 
  • Examining the item for possible conservation issues
  • Preparing the cart for the Scribe
  • Sending necessary items to conservation
  • Filling out a Wonderfetch form  (The "wonderfetch' is a template for communicating and attaching metadata that will be attached to the item being scanned.)

This cart is ready for Scanning!

Student workers will be hired to pull books at the Duke Divinity School Library and Wake Forest University in the upcoming weeks. Jency has helped set a great pace at UNC-Chapel Hill and her work is a wonderful example for student workers to come!

African Methodism in the South, or, Twenty-five Years of Freedom


  1. It’s great that the collection, if only in part for now, is being digitized. The main concern when doing so is to make sure that the process yields a good quality of scanned copies for future access, and that the books and writings being scanned are not damaged in the process. Some companies, had you chosen to outsource the digitization part, can be quite careless about the books. Sometimes it really is better to have something in-house, but that still depends on the available equipment.

    Ruby Badcoe
    Williams Data Management

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are fortunate here at the UNC branch to have the technology to scan the items as well as a Conservation department that can help us in reviewing the items before the scanning even happens. As you mentioned, it is nice to keep a watchful eye over materials.