Monday, June 17, 2013

NC Religion Project Stats

This first year of digitizing materials is winding to a close. So here are a few statistics from the project.

As of June 13, 2013, there are 2,180 items online at the Religion in North Carolina Internet Archive Collection.

As of June 2, 2013, the download stats by month:

866 downloads in October 2012
1,319 downloads in November 2012
2,867 downloads in December 2012
6,065 downloads in January 2013
4,799 downloads in February 2013
9,902 downloads in March 2013
7,705 downloads in April 2013
10,822 downloads in May 2013

As of June 13, 2013, Duke has 305,933 pages online and UNC-Chapel Hill has 146,235 pages online and 287 foldouts online.

We are excited to continue scanning and sharing these materials! And we are glad to see that people are using the digitized items. If you are interested in the collection, but haven't yet seen it for yourself, navigate over to our page on Internet Archive.

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